About Us

How IFI Works

We believe all small businesses can be great. The tools are already out there. We love bringing those tools to the business owner.

The way we help owners may their company great is by incorporating and implementing those tools; side-by-side with the owner, their employees and their advisors.

We focus on the financial and administrative side of your business. We fix what needs to be fixed and mentor and train in areas that may be foreign to the owner and their employees.

Core Values 

Understand your business as well as an insider.

Provide the experienced, objective financial insights of an outsider.

Ensure that everything we do integrates with your entire organization.

Actually help you do the work that needs to be done.

Deliver cost effective results which create long-term relationships.

Stephen Barczykowski

Founder, Integrated Financial Insights, LLC

Stephen Barczykowski is a Senior Financial Management Advisor with more than 30 years’ experience supporting privately held enterprises.

Stephen has depth in leading profitability initiatives, mergers and acquisitions, risk reduction, managing cash flow, credit and collections, analytics, financial and management reporting, implementing internal controls, multi-million dollar and complex financing and implementing ERP and inventory controls systems and new technology. He is renowned for his strategic and operational leadership across Finance, Accounting, Collections, IT, Purchasing, Human Resources and Legal functions.

Integrated Financial Insights, LLC

Newark, DE 19711