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Too often I’ve observed firsthand the negative results when small and medium sized business owners’ have administrative staff capable of handling the day-today running of the business but don’t have the experience or time to implement those big initiatives, provide “big picture” financial insights, or produce timely and accurate financials. Yet I understand these owners. Who can afford an experienced, full-time CFO and keep them busy at a high level? A temp service seems so….well temporary; never really learning my business.

 – Stephen Barczykowski

Do any of these keep you up at night?
  • Monthly financials that are always late?
  • Bank reconciliations that are months’ behind?
  • Accounting or enterprise software outdated but don’t have the time or expertise to find or implement a replacement?
  • Inventory out of hand? Or frequently out-of-stock?
  • Stubborn customer collections slowing down your cash-flow?
  • Employee handbook and HR policies stuck in the 90’s?
  • Your bank wants a cash-flow statement for a new loan request?
  • Overwhelmed by due diligence requests needed to sell your company? Or buy one?
  • Sales are exploding and the rest of the company can’t keep up?
  • Profits and cash are dropping and not sure where or how to reduce costs?
  • One of your key finance staff will be on medical leave for an extended period and you don’t have anyone that can step up?
Integrated Financial Insights

Bridging The Gap

Integrated Financial Insights plugs these gaps and more in two ways. We do the actual work needed in the short term to get past the impasse and we work with your current staff to develop the policies and procedures, giving them the tools to move forward.  Click to learn more!

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“Our Clients Say it Best”

Our organization was experiencing a period of rapid growth. Understaffing and lack of organizational process caused the company to become unmanageable. Steve was recommended to us to clean up our financials and give us a clearer picture of the company performance. In just a few short months Steve was able to help us establish monthly financial reports, break out departmental performances, and identify operational inefficiencies. We are so grateful for our partnership with Steve.

Stephanie Tull

VP & Controller, J.W. Tull Contracting Services

Steve was a former co-worker, and I knew of his abilities. When it was time to sell our business, I needed a seasoned accounting professional to accomplish tasks we couldn’t perform. We turned to Integrated Financial Insights. Steve stepped right in and dealt with the quality of earnings company hired by the buyer, allowing us to run our business. There is no way we could have got the premium we did for our business without Steve’s contributions. His forensic accounting skills gave our financial reporting credibility and gave the buyer the reassurance that they were getting what they were paying for.

Dave Curran

President, TRI-Supply and Equipment

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